Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Quiet Book

A friend recommended a book to me the other day called The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood. Reese really loves to read so I was happy for a new book to add to the rotation. She brought it down to my room and said something along the lines of: I think Reese will love this, it talks about all the different kinds of quiet.

All the different kinds of quiet? I thought, hmmmm, that sounds cool. And that was as far as it went.

But tonight we were finally able to read it. And can I say, WOW, that book was great.

The last one to get picked up from school quiet. I could feel that little bear's pain.

First one out of bed quiet. I've tiptoed through the house many a morning.

But my very most personal favorite: Thinking of a good reason you were drawing on the walls quiet. HILARIOUS!

I enjoyed each and every example of quiet. Each was completely true and I feel how the quiet felt. It was just exactly perfect!

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