Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well she did it! She dressed up and looked as sweet as sugar! River looked as handsome as can be!

I loved being close to family because I got to see the tough on crime cop, Maggie! The scary, cuddly monster Deakan and his mommy's little pumpkin, sweet Kenna. It was the best Halloween ever!

We only hit up a few houses but when we came home I was able to see my daughter's loving spirit as she happily passed out candy to each child who approached. She smiled and waved saying, "Happy Halloween, Everybody!" And "that's the best costume ever!" She was happier to give than to receive and it was precious.

River could barely get to bed because he was so happy to see costumes and be social. It was a blast and I know this house wishes we could do it every day!

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