Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Countdown!

Birthdays are getting to be a big event in our house. Reese finally really gets it and she is so excited for her pahrtee. Every day she works birthdays into conversation and she is just beside herself with enthusiasm.

Tonight we got a shirt I ordered for her in the mail. It has a big 3 on it and it has been so hard for her to understand that it's just not quite time yet. Here's how the conversation went down:
"Mom? Tell dad to bring in the candles."
"What candles?"
"The birthday candles!"

(Enter dad)
"Dad! Where's my birthday cake and candles?"
"Reese, we still have lots of days time til your party."
"Okay! Wait dad! My cake is so hot, we can't eat it til it cools off! The candles might burn you!"
"What cake? It's not your birthday yet."
"Okay! Mom? Can you get River's CD player and play songs at my party so I can shake my booty?"

She's excited.

So we are marking days on the calendar and trying to keep the anticipation fun but manageable. She's asked that I please get cups and napkins for everyone(Um, OCD?). And can I please invite all her sugar muffins? There is only to be pink, strawberry cupcakes as well.

And as I write this I hear I am to be buying balloons too. She's following us around telling us to blow the balloons up please!

So here's to the exciting anticipation of birthday #3!! Lord help this month go quick!

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