Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday and a Birthday!

It was my girl's birthday. She was excited, You Guys. Excited. I was excited too.

You see, that girl and I, we are tight. She's like the moon set in the sky for me. She wakes me every day with a touch of the cheek and an "I love you, Sweetheart." She asks me how my day was and she squeezes me as tight as she can. She brings my life a constant presence of sunshine, positivity, and wonder. So making her happy gets me excited.

For her party we made cupcakes. We blew up balloons, we danced and we opened presents. We partied like rock stars. And my girl sat back and reflected upon it saying, "oh mama, thank you so much. I loved everything." For this I am humbled. There is a greater power that grants gifts like her.

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