Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sibling Love

My kids love each other.  Like really love each other.  Totally. 

They do such sweet things together and it makes a Mama's heart feel good.  The other night in the car they sat and giggled all the way home.  Reese would scream, PEEK a boo!  And River would laugh and laugh.  Then they'd both look at each other and cackle.  It was precious.

Another thing they love to do together is sing.  Okay, maybe not together.  Maybe Reese sings and River laughs but it's cute.  Reese is really into Doc McStuffins and she sings a song called I Feel Better.  Reese loves it and really gets into belting it out to the back row.  Last night she was singing to River and really got down by squeezing her eyes shut and thrusting her arms in the air on the last note.  He looked at her like she just won American Idol.  So did I.  She's DORble!

He loves when his big sister feeds him at night.  He pats her face as he crawls across the floor.  And no one can make that kid laugh like his big sister. 

Having two kids has been hard.  I still am not completely confident to have them both to myself for a long time, even though we do it a lot.  But this sibling love, oh dear, it's the best.  Watching requited, pure, and whole-hearted love is life's greatest gift.  Receiving love is wonderful.  Giving love is better.  But watching the two most beautiful beings in your life give love to one another....well, it's beyond words. 

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