Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Reese has always been a lover. She gives kisses. Blows kisses. Squeezes tighter than a vice. She's probably the kid germaphobes fear. Enter River....

Reese obviously loves him and gives him tons of kisses. She's always going up to him saying, "hi piggy piggy!" (I assume that's what she's's her pet name for him.) So now Riv is interested in getting in on the action. He's started giving kisses left and right. He hasn't gotten the memo that kisses are closed-mouthed but they're still sweet. He will grab my face so he can bring me over for a kiss. It's doreble!!

Sorry to the germaphobes in my life, my sweet baby boy might crawl around on the floor or go eye to eye with the dogs but I'm going to let him kiss me anytime he wants!

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