Sunday, March 18, 2012

River- One Month Old

River has been a part of our family for a whole month now.  What a big adjustment he has been for us!  But he has the sweetest nature and is such a cutie.  He is sleeping for about 3 hours during the night when he wakes up to eat and then goes right back to sleep.....we can handle that!  He loves to be swaddled and rocked and really doesn't care much for the pacifier.  (We'd love to give it 3 months and be done with it.)  He eats quite a bit for such a little guy but he is getting taller and taller by the minute and there are even some 0-3 month clothes that, although are big on him, are getting to be on the short side. 

Reese continues to love him and show her sweet side.  She walks by and says, "Hi Rivah!" and sometimes drops a kiss and sometimes just lets him be.  She introduces him to new people and usually says he's her "bruddar" She is adjusting pretty well, likes to be held a little more than usual and is still getting up quite a bit in the night so we are waiting for summer when hopefully River is sleeping better and we are going to have toddler-sleep-in-your-own-bed boot camp.  Any advice will be much appreciated!

So life in the Neal house is crazy as usual.  We can't keep it clean, dinner sometimes has to be a bowl of cereal or prepared one handed (or sometimes it gets peed on).  Pictures are changing fast through the house and the dogs moved underground on the totem pole.  We are enjoying this time just kissing our babies and hoping we don't forget a thing.

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