Monday, March 5, 2012


Reese loves milk.  Milk is a lovey for her, she just can't get enough of it.  And she likes to ask for it at really inopportune times. 

Example 1:  It's 3:00 in the morning, she is standing face to face with me as I startle awake.  She says to me, in the quietest whisper, "Milk" which sounds more like a mew from a cat.

Example 2:  I am holding River, Reese, a Night Night, a blankie and there are 14 toys and a laptop surrounding me to the point of almost burying us.  Mickey has just turned on the TV and we are unable to hardly move.  "More Milk" she says. 

It is both infuriating and endearing.

River loves milk too.  He has to though, milk sustains him.  His cute little sip, suck, swallow is as sweet as it gets.  He drinks milk like it's his last meal on earth.  Watching and hearing him gulp is a mother's true joy.  I love cuddling up and and feeding him.  He asks for milk in a different way though.

Example:  It is 4 am, he has eaten just a mere 2.5 hours ago.  I have finally fallen asleep and I am beyond exhausted and I hear a small cry that impatiently grows louder and louder until finally I am forced to get him some milk and rock him back to sleep.  I love this but I simultaneously beg for a few more minutes of sleep. 

Milk is a vital part of our lives right now.  We need it to get by and we are thankful for the pleasure it brings our babies.  The sweet little ones sip, suck, swallow it to fill their sweet little bellies and we just smile and think, maybe someday we'll look back on this and miss it. 

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