Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Fine is the word that I know Reese would've shouted at me last night if she could've.  We had a little bit of an argument, if you could call it that.  I found this argument to be hilarious.  I literally laughed out loud as she toddled back to say she was sorry.  Here's what happened......

My grade level is in charge of pay day treats this month.  I love to cook so I got a little ambitious on my attempt at making something great for the whole staff.  I should've just bought some cookies and been done with it, but no, not me.  I decided to make Rice Krispy Treats.  You know, like on the commercials, where the mom is smiling and has a pretty apron on and a huge bowl.  Her kids are laughing and eating small morsels of yummy marshmallowy goodness.  Just like that.  I pictured Reese sitting on the counter loving the sweet snack.  Me smiling as I stirred all the cereal that stayed in the bowl.  That's not quite how it went down.

What really did happen was that Reese wanted a bowl of her own.  So I thought, "oh great idea! She can eat while I mix these up really quick and then she can go to bed."  Riiiiiight.  She took the bowl and dumped the entire thing on the ground.  I let her to buy some time to get more done and then I was going to let her up to help.  Silly, Lindsay.  Before I knew it she was pissed.  Rice Krispys were all over the floor and being crunched into the carpet with every step I took.  She whined louder and louder, I was cussing under my breath with marshmallows up to my elbows and finally I snapped, "would you just knock it off?"

Wow, was that the wrong thing to say!  She looked at me as if to say, "FINE!"  She burst into tears, ran to the other room, sobbing the whole way.  I was secretly glad for her to go for just a second.  I washed my hands and chuckled to myself, I just knew she was getting her nigh-nigh (blankie).  And a few seconds later she came sobbing back into the room, blankie in tow.

I sat down on the crunchy kitchen floor and she curled in my lap with her thumb.  I knew she was sorry and so was I.  We cuddled for a minute and then I put her on the counter where I stirred Rice Krispys all over the kitchen.  She tried a little bite and then decided she just wanted to watch.  I didn't have on an apron and she wasn't loving the marshmallowy goodness but it was as close to the commercial as she and I were going to get. 

I learned a few things last night.  First, nigh-nigh is the fixer of all problems.  Second, we might get mad but we love each other and we can fix it.  Third, if it looks good on television, it's probably a lie.  And finally, vacuums don't clean up crunched up, smooshed in Rice Krispy treats.


Anonymous said...

And once again, she melts your heart!

Gabby said...

Cute story! Commercials are so misleading :)

Thank you for your super sweet blog comment. It really made my day. I'm excited to follow your blog and get to know you better! Yay!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your post made me laugh. Life is never what you'd expect with a little one! You are a good mom to even try.

We've never had a nigh-nigh. I'm thinking I need to get one!