Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Few Loose Ends

I haven't been so great at blogging lately.  It seems like everything and nothing has been going on.  We don't do much in the evening but Reese is doing some of the silliest things all the time.  She is a card and I think she knows it.  She gets that from her father.  So here are some things that have been going on with us. 

Reese is getting more and more steady on her feet.  There are fewer falls now and she is even starting to pick up her pace a little to "jaunty walk" that she believes is a run.  It looks so funny when she puffs out her chest and gets to moving.  Especially when she's being chased.  She giggles like a hyena and checks behind her back to see if they are gonna get her.  She is so funny.

Easter baskets are in full swing.  I'm trying to come up with ideas of what to put inside eggs besides candy.  A few coins/dollars and some stickers but beyond that I'm at a loss.  I like to do holiday cards too but I can't think of a handprint idea that is Easter themed.  Especially with Mother's Day so close, I am just running out of creative ideas.  PLEASE HELP!!!

Dustin is excited for the season too.  It's turkey hunting time and he couldn't be more excited.  He walks around the house gobbling like a fool.  As if we don't have enough noise around that place.

Life is going by so quickly and so slowly at the same time.  It's the time of the year that I like to refer to as the water balloon race.  Just hold that leaky water balloon together and get it past the finish line, the end of the school year is coming, hold it together and summer will be a great reward!

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The Princess and the Tot said...

Hi there! I'm coming over to reply to your questions on my blog post (The Princess and the Tot). I started Tot School activities when Super Tot was about 21 months. I painted most of the brightly colored rainbow items I use myself. I'd love to chat more. You can e-mail me at theprincessandthetot at gmail dot com .