Friday, March 4, 2011

This and That

Tonight has been boring.  I'm talking agonizingly boring.  Dustin made the trek home to do some work tomorrow so Reese and I are here alone and as much as I couldn't wait for her to go to bed, now I wish she was up so I would have something to do.  But she's not.

First things first, this has been one long week.  With the amount of snow days that have been in my schedule lately a full week of school is about the equivalent as a year with no weekends.  It's been brutal.  The kids are at war with one another.  I am at war with the kids.  They need to get smarter in a hurry.  And I mean it.

Secondly, my child has become very interested in what's under the bed.  She pulls out gift bags and stray pictures.  She finds tissue paper and ribbons.  I guess I need some good sturdy storage boxes.  Or I need to get off the couch and tell her no once in awhile.  But the boxes sound easier.

She has also become a hairy troll as of late.  This morning I almost screamed when I saw her.  Talk about some bedhead.  I am now officially done judging mothers of 3rd grade girls who have neither the time nor the energy to get a brush through their tangled manes.  Yikes!  Hair is a battle.  I slip a barrette in, 27.6 seconds later it is out.  And let me tell you about the fight I got when I attempted a pony tail holder today.  She's a feisty one, that kid.

I am filled with apprehension this weekend.  I don't even want to say why out loud.  I am getting ready to branch out and do the unthinkable.  My heart is pumping hard just thinking of it.  Tune in next week and I will tell you all about it.....don't you just love the suspense?  Let's just say Lent is approaching and I'm going for the big guns this year.  I always feel that way, but you know what?  I never give up alcohol, that would be a stretch of the ole faith muscle that's for sure.

My child is also an endless talker these days.  She sings constantly and will repeat the sounds we make often.  I swore she said love to me yesterday after I told her I loved her.  That will be quite an accomplishment.  I love her sweet affections, hugs and kisses, but "I love you" will be a little less wet than when she tries to kiss me with her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out. Yuck! 

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