Monday, March 21, 2011

She's Cracking Me Up!

Our child, well, she is hilarious to say the least.  Lately she has been cracking me up with her antics and funny ways about life.  For one thing, she loves to give kisses.  You know the open mouth kind.  I love the kisses, but would prefer the closed mouth kind.  She'll get it one of these days.  But back to my point, the other day, she was passing out Daddy kisses left and right.  I wanted in on the action so I asked her if I could have a kiss.  She came over, kissed me, walked to her dad, kissed him, and back again several times.  She just had lots of love to go around.

She has also become a big lover of filling, scooping and dumping.  So we got out the spices and pots and pans and she filled the pans up with spices (in the containers) and stirred them around a little bit.  She would pretend to pour spices in, stir it up and then lift the spoon to her mouth saying, "mmmm."  Guess she watches me more than I think!

She's also become an avid outdoorswoman.  Not just enjoying the weather, but dragging her father by his hair across the room and pounding at the door until we open it.  Saturday's storm really put a hitch in her plans and she demanded to go out for hours.  I finally opened the door, put her out there and brought her back in.  She was done demanding after that.  She does love it out there though.  Especially when Daddy chips golf balls into the lot behind our house.  

She was a Daddy's girl this weekend.  Not that she hasn't always been a little but mostly if she wanted something, she came to me.  This weekend it was all about Dad.  She gave me the most withering glares if I came to get her from her nap.  She refused to even look in my direction and she saved all her smiles just for him.  I just hope she doesn't forget about me for good!

My little girl is getting so big.  She is becoming Miss Independent, helping put her clothes on and throwing trash away.  She still loves to read and lights up whenever we grab a book from her overflowing bookcase.  She grabs our hand and leads us where she wants to go but still tilts her head back and puts her thumb in her mouth when we cuddle her close.  We had a great spring break together, it just makes us count the days until Summer Vacation!

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