Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby D

My adorable nephew came and stayed with us over the weekend. He is the funniest little man I think I've ever seen! He has the greatest facial expressions and personality.

Reese loved him too. She kept trying to feed him a "bite" from her spoon. Since there was no actual bite to take, I don't think he was too interested. She got a little aggressive with him and it ended up as more of a whack with the spoon instead. I don't think he minded a whole lot, but there were several demonstrations about being gentle for our little dear.

The toys of the night was our pop up toy. He would laugh and laugh and look expectantly again for me to push the button. I also caught him with a toy piece of corn on the cob several times. I couldn't help but smile at how hilarious that looked.  He and Miller really hit it off too.  They parted ways as the best of friends.

We had a great time with his visit and we hope he comes back very soon. He's the snuggliest little guy and strong as an ox. I love this picture below too because I think he looks just like my sister here. He is his daddy's boy in the looks department (you wouldn't know Lulu and I had any traits) but this one has Lulu written all over it!

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