Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh this hair...

Dustin is totally into my hair. I'm not sure why but he has some strong opinion about what I should try or not try. When it was long he was worried when I cut it. When I was blonde he thought I should try dark. So, I grew my color out while I was pregnant and over break I dyed it dark. Why not, I thought to myself, it's my natural color anyway. Let's give it a shot and just see. If I hate it, there's always another bottle to cover it up. Well, let me tell you...I HATE it. It's horribly dark. Too dark and not flattering to my face. People who normally would tell me it looks good even if it doesn't look at me and turn away without a word. Yikes!

So, today, I tried again. Dustin's mom had a box of highlights so I thought I'd streak it up a little. I followed the directions and wouldn't you know it turned red and it's probably even more hideous than it was before. UGH! Hair! Why am I so vain? Now I am forced to go to the salon and dole out money that I'd rather spend on Reese to fix this horrible mistake. Lesson learned, this time, blondes really do have more fun (or at least feel better about themselves).

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