Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Home Visit

Tonight was one of our two home visits from Parents As Teachers.  I love this program because we have a great teacher who is obviously a very patient woman.  And we really think it is a bummer that we only get two visits per year but we try to make it to special events and evenings.

On this fine evening our teacher, Jennifer was scheduled to be here around 5:30.  I had Reese fed, the dogs outside, and the house somewhat cleaned up so I could impress her with my amazing ability to manage household duties.  I know realize I did this so that I could deter her from the rest of the s!@# I don't have together.

For example, Natty barked so loud and when I finally went out to yell at him (since I couldn't threaten him with a wooden spoon in front of company) he snuck by me, ran through the house and tackled poor Jennifer.  This was mild from the tail beating she took by the big, white dog, however.  Finally, I wrestled them into the bedroom and shut the door.  This worked for approximately 7 1/2 minutes when I thought Natty was going to beat the door down.  I then tried to sneak them out the bedroom door but as soon as I shut the door Reese freaked out about being left in the living room with a stranger.

Now one would think that because the dogs were so wild that a certain daughter might rise to the occassion or having company.  This in fact, is not true.  She immediately dumped Jennifer's toys all over the living room.  She threw toys, tried to climb the couch and then the best part, she sat between us and tooted the whole time.  I almost puked trying to hold in my laughter. 

Overall, it wasn't a bad evening.  I got a lot of really great ideas from her and I felt like we were really productive.  I felt sorry for her for being conned into the crazy house with the crazy dogs and the farting kid but she took it in stride.  That's our last visit this year unfortunately so hopefully someone, somewhere will be ready for us next year! 

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