Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And the Saga Continues....

The saga of the war between the white dog and me.  As I may have mentioned before the dog has an issue.  He hates when his best good friend is gone; Daddy that is.  He gets so anxious that he cannot contain his fear and he just marks himself all over the house. 

But this is another problem entirely.  This problem has more to do with entitlement. 

He believes firmly that he is entitled to all food in this house.  I don't mean food Reese drops or the dog bowl kind of food but now he has broadened his horizons to counter tops.  Two incidents happened where I suspected he had taken food but I couldn't be certain but last night, well, he was caught.

Reese and I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday and I let them cool on wax paper on the counter top.  They were really soft so I just left them there instead of breaking them and putting them on a plate.  I assumed because I pushed them all the way back they would be fine.  Sure Miller had allegedly snatched a couple of things before but that was meat, these were oatmeal.  I was sure he wouldn't be interested.

I was wrong.

About 10:30 last night I heard a distinct sound of something hitting my cabinets and I popped up saying, "If that white dog stole my cookies......"  So my loving husband trudged into the kitchen looking for a fight.  What he found there makes me laugh out loud even now thinking about how it must've went down.  I suspect he heard Dustin coming so he quickly tried to "get into position" but he was still a little greedy.  He just couldn't get the wax paper back to it's rightful spot quick enough and he couldn't refrain from licking his lips of all the tasty goodness of the oatmeal cookies.  A scuffle ensued and quickly Miller came running through the bedroom, tail between his legs, knowing he was a bad boy.

We ended up with quite a dent in the cookies.  And I'd say Miller had a little bit of a pit in his gut because he ate a lot of butter.  Maybe the white dog learned a lesson about entitlement and how he doesn't have it.  Maybe he learned a lesson about not licking his lips like a gloating little pig.  And maybe I learned a lesson about putting food in air tight containers.  But either way, we all enjoyed a few oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night.

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