Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Cure for the Boredom Blues

Today was a day for boredom of epic proportions.  After about 6 snow days though, I finally got smart.  Yesterday as I left, I ran through the halls and begged, borrowed, and stole resources from anyone or anywhere I could find.  I went to Dollar General and bought a few things and we were set.  For today.  We have a whole new day tomorrow and it may get ugly. 

Just kidding, I have plenty to last us awhile.  We started off the day making play dough.  I found a great recipe for it on the internet.  My lovely assistant stirred (read: splashed) and threw ingredients in the bowl. 

We painted with pudding and some of it got in Reese's mouth.  It was one of the most hilarious things we've done.  We put her in front of the mirror before she took a bath and she screamed and screamed, I think she thought she'd been massacred!

We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  And we finished our Valentine's Day cards! 

Our boredom blues were stifled for the day, and we are hoping tomorrow will bring a little relief to the snowed in feeling we have today.  Maybe a walk or a run around the back yard with the dogs will help.  Stay tuned for our Wordless Wednesday featuring our Pudding Paint and when the snow stops Dustin has a really cool time lapse picture of how much coverage we got! 

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Brunch at Saks said...

What a fantastic idea! That looks like the most fun play dough ever! Sending you some warm LA weather xoxo