Thursday, February 10, 2011

And While We're on the Subject

One of the best parts about marriage is this: the inability to see your "fault."  Not the fault that you forget to pick up your laundry.  Or that you always burn dinner.  No those are not what I mean at all.

By the "fault" I mean that thing everyone has.  The thing no one sees in the mirror.  Being outrageously inconsiderate perhaps.  Or spending hours at a time talking about yourself when no one else cares. 

I am always looking for my fault.  What is it that I do that gets under people's skin?  I still don't know that answer, and maybe I'm never supposed to.  That's okay with me, it would probably embarrass me down to my shoes so I don't need to know. 

But the thing is, Dustin doesn't see it either.  I will occassionally ask him what it is that I do.  And he honestly has no idea.  It's the purest form of unconditional love aside from the love of a parent for a child.  To be blind to the biggest fault of your significant other shows that that person sees you as you see yourself.  My husband sees what's inside me and knows that whatever that thing is that I do doesn't matter in the slightest because he loves me and that fault is just something I can't help anyway.

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