Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Right vs. Easy

Right now Lent is just right around the corner. Every year I make the same "resolution" to become a better person, a better Christian, a better Catholic. I spend a lot of time thinking of what I will give up and I read a lot of devotions during the first few days (isn't that how it always goes). I hope each year that I will be better by the end and usually it turns out okay.

This year I keep thinking about what truly makes a good person. It's not just being nice to people, although that helps. It's really about digging deeper and thinking about what is right not just easy. Today I was faced with a problem that keeps coming up in my life; my job. I see something happen time after time and I always complain about how bad it is but secretly duck my head thankful it's not me this time. I always feel so bad standing by when I know something is wrong and never doing anything about it. I teach my kids to stand up against bullying and to come talk to someone when they see something happening that is wrong but I don't do that myself.

Today, I have decided not to stand by and let this keep happening. I may not do much but doing nothing isn't helping either. It is time for me to be a better person, to work harder to do something right even if it is not easy (and it won't be). I am hoping that little by little I will build my character to a person I can be proud of. But most of all, I hope that I can help a friend who really needs it.

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