Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I love that song by Taylor Swift and I have to say I am not much of a Taylor Swift fan. I begrudge her for her Entertainer of the Year award...she's a teenager! What about those life long accomplished artists that really deserve it? Okay she is huge according to my 6 year old neice, but 2 years ago so was Dora. Anyway, enough about Taylor.

Her song though, Fifteen, really touches a nerve with me. I can see, in retrospect, that I really was that boy-crazy, my-mom-is-an-idiot, the-rules-don't-apply-to-me 15 year old girl. Curfew? Who needs it! Don't get into cars with boys? Why not, it's fun! You get the idea.

Hearing that song reminds me of my younger, more carefree days. I had no interest in following rules or respecting my mother. I thought had no idea that the things that I did then would effect me later. And now, I realize I was an idiot. And I get freaked out on many different levels about Reese being an idiot. What if she thinks being 15 warrants an all night drinking frenzy or climbing in the back back of some boy's car? What if she hides cigarettes and collects beer tabs? What if God-forbid she gets pregnant? Oh my it scares me.

So I hope for two things. 1. That my knowledge of what is to come will help us to prevent rebellions and 2. That I will develop a relationship with her so she feels comfortable coming to me (or calling me to come get her on a dark gravel road...). In the meantime, I will listen to Taylor sing about her experiences of being a teenager and remember that night at the cartbarns when I drank Bloody Marys and threw up on my mom's white couch...man, those were the days....

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