Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Dinner

I am a huge believer in a family dinner each night. It might sound a little idealistic but I think that it is important to have meals together. It's the time when kids get to learn manners, they learn to share, and they get to talk about their day. It is also a time for them to hear their parents have conversations with one another. It's a tradition I believe strongly in, I have long before all the research came out, because that's how I grew up.

I can't wait for Reese to eat dinner with us (okay, I can, I don't want to rush her but it's something I'm excited for). I am excited to teach her good manners and to have conversations with her. I want her to believe in family and dinnertime and morals the way we do. I just love the idea of all of it. So, we are starting early! Reese is finally ready to sit in her bumbo, it's a little big for her, but she sits in it and looks pretty stinkin' adorable. I love love love it. So, here is a picture of our first family dinner!

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