Sunday, December 27, 2009

The First of Many

Last night was my first big scare on the journey of Mommyhood. It all started when Reese started fussing pretty bad at a party we were at. We were with Marsha and Eric so we decided to take the girl's home while the boys stayed and played cards. Reese screamed the whole way home so Marsha drove my car while I sat in the back trying to console her. It was snowing and very cold as well so we were all a little tense anyway with the roads being the way they were.

We finally got home, and since it was so cold, Marsha thought we should pull the car into the garage so we didn't have to get Reese out on the ice and stuff. The dogs were in the garage so I jumped out and let them pee while she pulled in and got out of the car. We went around to get Reese when we realized it was locked...LOCKED! Keys in it, spare in it, BABY IN IT!!!

We looked at each other and panicked. We had no idea what to do. So, we got on the phone and called the guys. We tried and tried and couldn't get them. We sent Maggie to the bedroom to change clothes and to stay calm, but that sure did not happen. We could hear her wailing from the kitchen and that's when I lost it. But that's also when Dustin called. This sounds like it would make a person feel better, but accidents are much different when it involves a baby. Everyone kind of loses it when it comes to that.

That's when we get the idea to call OnStar. We don't have the service but we are compatible and this IS an emergency so we thought surely they can do something. We would've paid anything at that point. But incidentally OnStar does not give a shit about babies being stuck in the freezing cold. (more on OnStar later) Reese is screaming her head off and we are all a mess and have no idea what to do.

About the time I wore a hole in my shoe from pacing, Dustin and Eric walk in. They start running after tools and hangers. They're screaming for us to call people to see which window would be cheapest to break. Dustin is now ready to rip the door right off the car and Maggie is scared that we are surely going to jail for breaking windows.

The guys got the door open and were pushing the button but of course the car went into theif mode and wouldn't open. Meanwhile Papa Steve is on the phone with OnStar. (He is a paying customer) They decided to stick to their guns and refuse to help us. He is a pretty level-headed guy but he called them every name in the book. I'm not even sure he will be allowed OnStar service anymore after the words he yelled at that woman. But, just as we are ready to bust out the window the guys got the door unlatched (manually, not with the button).

Dustin ran in to let us know and like Marsha said, I can run pretty fast for being a cheerleader. I yanked that door open and looked at my poor abandoned baby with so much joy it hurt. And you know that little stinker looked up at me like, "jeez Mom, what's all this commotion about?" It did my heart good to see she was clearly fine and a little befuddled by what was the problem.

We can all look back and laugh a little at this now. But we were all pretty scared there for a minute. It took Maggie a good long time to stop crying and she was the first to give Baby Reese a kiss. This was definitely one for the baby book and definitely a scare that I don't care to relive. Nothing like a panic-filled moment to make you appreciative of what you have.

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