Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Steps

Pregnancy can sometimes go at a snail's pace. As you go through the agony of morning sickness and breast tenderness you think it will never end. Then the weight gain begins and the debate of PINK or BLUE????!! It seems to take forever before you finally get to a point when you are just done being patient. And then little by little you come to realize that you only have a few weeks left! That little baby begins using you as a punching bag and all you can do is stop and smile and hold your belly hoping to feel it again. Reality begins to set in as you realize that belly is actually a baby and she is going to be your's soon and you love her so much already that you can't help but love it.
I have by no means loved being pregnant. I hate being a sober driver (drunk passenger is more my style), I hate gaining weight, cutting back on diet pop, and feeling left out of everything. But when I feel that little kick I just want to smile because I know a little secret that no one else knows. This doesn't mean I've changed my mind, I still would rather hold her in my arms than my belly but if I'm going to be stuck in this limbo at least I have this small piece of happiness to hang on to. She is going to grow so fast, right before my very eyes, so taking this one baby step at a time is okay for now.

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