Monday, February 11, 2013

River's Birthday Week: Day 1

I went back to look at my posts from Reese's first birthday week and remembered I posted a picture and a thing I love most about her each day.  I teared up a little reading about those precious baby days with her.  Thinking about her being the same age as River is now seems so crazy.  Especially because they have so many similarities, but mostly, they're completely different.

So in honor of River's last week of being a baby, I'm going to post about things I love most for him too.

Day 1:  His giggle.

As I got ready this morning I could hear Dustin and River playing as he got dressed.  Dustin was thumping the bed trying to get River to come closwer and River was cackling as he crawled away.  The sweet sound of his giggle filled the house and we were all smiling at it.  He laughs all the time.  He's extremely ticklish, especially his neck and feet so we can get him going pretty quick.  Reese loves to play peek a boo or other games just to get him laughing.  No one can get him going like she can!  His laugh makes us all happy and it reminds us that life is good.

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