Thursday, February 14, 2013

River: Day 4!

River is a sweet and loving soul. He's always been the kid who will rest his head on my shoulder or give hugs. He gestures to be held and is always happy to be held and cuddled. He just loves snugly, lovey time.

Tonight at dinner he kept feeding me and he would smile and laugh because he was so proud of his good deeds. He loves to be sweet on his parents.

He also loves his extended family. When he sees baby Kenna he nearly leaps from my arms out of excitement. He thinks she's the cutest, bestest ever. So do I. Sometimes his love is a little rough, I think Kenna would like to run the other way, but his intentions are kind-hearted even if they're a little scary in actuality.

He also loves his friends. We saw Spencer last weekend and River pointed and gave me his trademark, "ooh!" We went over and he leaned in for a hug. Seriously. It was the cutest thing. Two cute baby boys hugging before they ever know it's not manly to hug. River even went back in for a second one.

Finally River loves -more than anything- his big sister. They hug and kiss a lot. He thinks it's wildly hilarious to give her "pat-pats." They're more like smack-smacks but he means well.

So, day 4, I choose to recognize my cuddly baby. His sweet, heartfelt demeanor and his joy at trying to show love to others. Hope you remember to cuddle your mommy when you're 17 Buddy!

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