Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Moments

My baby, the not-so-baby-anymore baby, has her moments.  She laughs and giggles.  She bosses and screams.  She snickers her silly half laugh and scrunches her nose.  She lays on the floor and pounds it with her fist.  She lays her head on my shoulder as she's carried off to bed and then screams through the door until I walk her back to bed 25 times a night.

There are moments that take on some 2 year old traits.  She has outfit preferences and likes to have a fluff of makeup in the morning.  She takes care of the baby instead of being cared for herself.  She picks the books and sometimes reads them to herself with no help from Mama.  She walks herself to the car and climbs in alone with her new, "I will do it myself" attitude.

But there are moments when the moments are soft and sweet and so lovely to watch.  Moments when she crawls in my lap and lets me hold her sippy cup to her mouth like she did as a newborn.  Moments when she lays on the doctor's table with me and listens to Mama's baby's heartbeat.  Moments when she first wakes up and all she wants to do is give good morning kisses.  Moments when she's my baby again.  Funny how those are the things I remember most.

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Aunt Marsha said...

This about made me cry! Our Baby Reese is getting so big and independent!