Monday, September 26, 2011

Growth and Development

The day finally arrived!  We had our growth and development sonogram and everything looked great.  Our little BOY is big, healthy and from the comment of the tech, "tall."  Amen to that.  Tall.  One thing Reese and I aren't.

He showed us his manhood and moved around like a puppet on a string the whole time so we were able to see all of the parts that we needed to and everything was healthy.  They even moved our due date a tiny bit to February 18th so who knows when the little guy will be here.

His hand was 1 inch long and we were able to see most of his fingers.  Great heartbeat and brain/spine development.  So we were two excited parents today.  Dustin keeps texting me exclamation points.  Let's just hope we have an excited Big Sister tonight too!


Kristy said...

That is just great news! From what I have heard, every Momma needs a son. Super excited for your family!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your family!! Love your blog! Your little guy is very proud of his manhood! :)

Jenny said...

Yay, for little boys!!!! Congrats!!!