Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Christmas has come and gone and I will be so glad for some time to take my tree down. But with two curious helpers I may have a hard time.

The kids had the most magical Christmas. Reese's shouts of glee and River's smiles were enough to make anyone feel merry and bright. They got so many wonderful things and we will have many fun days ahead playing and creating and getting check ups.

Our Christmas was everything I had hoped for the kids. They were so fun and happy. They got along well and got gifts for each other. Reese got River a puzzle set and he got her a crib for her dolls that hasn't left her side. She kept hugging him and saying, "thanks, big guy!"

I'm thankful for their sweet smiles and their hugs. I'm thankful we made church a priority on Christmas Day. I'm thankful that everyone seemed to like what I got them. And that everyone is able to be together at Christmas and healthy besides our minor aches and pains and colds.

I hope everyone had a weekend full of joy and happiness!!

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