Tuesday, December 4, 2012

9 Months

Yesterday we had a fun day at Reese and River's check ups. We did a little shopping and the kids were great. Reese is getting so tall and is as healthy as a horse. Her funny for the day was when the doctor checked her private parts. We had just had a long talk about how those were areas no one was allowed to see so as the doctor approached she said, "Mama? What are you doing?" She had a sound in her voice like, whoa! Red alert! Not okay! Next time I'll give her a little more prep about that!

River was great, a little small but he's been down and out with the flu and had lost almost 2 pounds so hopefully he beefs back up soon. The doctor loved his faux hawk. And a lady in Target informed me that we were not allowed to fix it any other way.

They both have double ear infections and are just feeling overall cruddy. We've had crazy routines with thanksgiving and appointments and all kinds of stuff so we are hoping for some miracles to happen with these antibiotics! (And some rest).

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