Monday, July 18, 2011

The Potty Chair

A couple months ago we got a potty seat for the little miss.  Right away we put it in the bathroom and just let her get used to it.  She brought it out to the living room several times and pretty much just seemed interested in it from the get-go.  I on the other hand have been ignoring its existence.  I have no desire to cross into that territory.  AT ALL.

But lo and behold the signs have been present.  And although I still believe she isn't ready, one must start somewhere.  And last night was where it began. 

Before bedtime we took off her diaper and let her give it a shot.  We sat her down and after a few seconds the chair sang and we clapped and cheered.  Her face was one of pride and joy.  So was mine, but only after the shock had subsided.  We were pretty pumped up.

So again we tried this morning and again she went.  Call it beginners luck.  Call it a fluke.  I don't care what you call it, my little girl used the big girl potty!  So, here we go....wish us luck!


MBeall said...

We are in the exact same boat my friend! Good luck!! Josie won't get off the darn thing's her new favorite toy!

Aunt Marsha said...

Way to goo Reese! Aunt Marsha is super proud of you!

Lisa said...

Yay way to go Reese! We just have ours out and although she is interested in it, she has yet to "use" it more than to just sit on it and pretend. :)