Monday, July 25, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls

Last week was a week of beautiful ladies at the Neal house!  We were lucky enough to have two special guests, Maggie and Halee. 
This is Maggie.  Our beautiful niece.  She is 7 going on 25.  A gymnast, a reader, and a great cousin!  She came to stay with us last Saturday.  We had the best time while she was here swimming, watching the Disney Channel, playing babies, and eating at Burger King.  Reese was a stinker and a half while Maggie was here but Maggie thought she'd still come back, even though we wouldn't blame her if she didn't want to!  We were glad to spend a few one on one days with her and I know Reese loved bossing her around.

This is Halee.  She's Reese's aunt.  Or as Reese likes to say, Halba.  Halba is an athlete who is a rock star student involved in lots of clubs, she is a friend to many and she is getting ready to turn 15.  And you know what that means, my friends, DRIVING!  Halba came home with me on Wednesday after taking my Grandma to the doctor.  Her parents (and Dustin's) went to NYC for an extended weekend so we got Halba to ourselves for the rest of the week.  We had so much fun going swimming, shopping, and our VERY favorite; dancing the swimming dance.  We were sad to see Halba go.

And then there were none.  Yes, they've all left, even my girl, who is staying with TT for a few days this week while I teach/attend some summer classes.  It's a quiet place after all the fun that was had here last week, but now we get to gear up for a weekend with my nephew, Deakan!  We've been waiting all summer for this!!

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