Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

For as long as I can remember Thanksgiving Eve has been the night to party. Everyone comes home and goes out and it is an absolute blast. I always look forward to Thanksgiving because I get to see so many people who I miss other times when I go home and because it is usually the drunkest night of the year. Thinking back I can remember not being able to get up and eat turkey the next day. I have puked in my grandma's bathroom minutes before sitting down to eat dinner. And yet, each year I look forward to this night more than any other night of the year.

This year however, I am spending my Thanksgiving Eve in a slightly different manner. Right now I am watching an NCIS marathon and thinking about painting over my nails that got smudged. I gave my daughter a bath in her whale tub only to take her out and watch her pee all over me. I had a bowl of ice cream and am in my sweats dreaming of bed time. Not quite the festivity of the past.

I wish I could say that I don't miss it, that this is so much more fun than getting drunk with all my BHS friends. But that's not entirely true. I log on to facebook and see all the posts of people getting ready to head out and I feel very envious. I would love to go see everyone and catch up. I would love to have a few beers, I would love to pass out and not get up until 10:00 tomorrow.

Gosh it sounds like fun, but for this year anyway, I think I'll pass. And right now, jealous though I may be, it really was fun to give Reese a bath. When she peed all over me, I laughed and really enjoyed cleaning her up. I loved cuddling her and reading "Who's In the Jungle" and I don't want to give that up to anyone just yet. So, there's always next year, but if you went out tonight and took part in the holiday season, I hope you thought of me as you drank your beer and caught up with old friends. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!

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