Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's A Girl!!

We had a sonogram on Monday to check for the growth and development, and let's be honest, find out the sex! We were so excited to find out that we were ready to puke by the time we got in the door. My hands were shaking and Dustin was 3 shades of white; we are the type of people that NEED to know what that little baby is! After waiting for about 25 minutes we were finally asked to head back. I guess the technician didn't know us very well because she took her time looking around, we saw all the vital organs, including the kidney and bladder before we finally made it to the grand finale, the reproductive zone! But lo and behold, she cooperated (thanks to the extra caffeine and chocolate donuts) and we found out we will be having a girl!
Everything is progressing along well, no major birth defects. We could see 4 out of 5 fingers because the thumbs are hard to catch and 10 cute little toes. She is a big girl though, measuring around 19 weeks which os a week ahead of schedule and in the 89th %tile at that! So she's a little large for her age but time has a way of working out those little kinks. Dustin really hopes she's built like a linebacker so that she won't attract any male attention. But the important thing is she's healthy and we finally know what color to buy for the nursery!!

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