Tuesday, July 24, 2012

River at 5 Months

Well the little guy is getting bigger all the time. He's rolling, scooting, and sitting up for a few seconds at a time. He loves veggies and tonight he threw down some carrots like they were his last meal on Earth.
He's laughing and interacting with us all the time but I have to say the cutest is watching him and Reese playing. They laugh their butts off. She tickles him and tries to scare him. It's the most "dorble" (Reese's new word) thing. I especially love when she yells our words to him. For example last night he was crying and she yelled, "hold on little buddy, I'm coming, just a minute." Sibling love is so cute!
As the months fly by I'm just enjoying watching the two play and being able to cuddle my baby for his nap. I'll miss this some day.

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