Monday, May 21, 2012

And so it Begins.....

I was never one of those seniors who pronounced each milestone as his or her last. 

You know the type, "It's the last first football game, ever!"

But today is an emotional week for me.  It really is the last Monday of my stay here at West Englewood.  And I'm going to miss it here.  This school made me an adult.  It helped me shake the dust off the party nights of college, the Thirsty Thursdays and puking in parking lots.  During my stay here I got a dog, then another.  Caught myself a husband, bought my first car all by myself.  Here I became a mother and this place helped me learn what to expect, what to let go. 

At West Englewood I saw 8 first days of school.  I saw 2 first grade classes, 3 second and 3 third.  I whipped a group of misfits into shape, referred kids to special ed, saw kids read so hard they exited special ed.  I graduated out 4 groups of kids to middle school, each year feeling sadder than the last.  I had favorites and I had some who I don't remember all that well.  And of course I had a few who I didn't feel too sad about when they walked out for good. 

I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a teacher during my 8 year stay here.  I owe this school a lot for the staff development, leadership opportunities, and most importantly, examples of the best of the best.  It's going to be a hard last week.  Saying good bye to friends, saying good bye to kids.  Closing the door on a huge part of what makes me me to step out in the unknown.  But I think I'm ready.  And I owe a big part of that to this school. 

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