Monday, April 16, 2012

Windy, Windy

We always say a little prayer that we'll have a storm that will ruin our roof but not hurt anyone or anything else.  So far this has not happened.  But this weekend we had just enough wind to knock a few limbs down and get us a good tree trimming.  We were lucky that it fell just inches from my car.  But dang it, FALL ON THE ROOF next time!!

Here are a few shots of the clean up.  I think Dustin was in hog heaven getting to use power tools.

Here's a big limb that needed cutting back.

Dustin's cousin Adam helped with the removal.  In fact, Adam brought the chain saw, trailer, ladder and a lot of man power to help.  We took him out for lunch after and there he provided lots of entertainment for Reese!

Some of the large debris.

And the limb that came inches to ruining my car.

And of course the Project Supervisor.  Isn't she precious?

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