Saturday, February 18, 2012

River Kahne Neal

Well, River is finally here!  We just couldn't be happier either.  I have always heard the second child helps a person to understand how your heart expands instead of divides and now I know exactly how it feels.  Maybe my heart did actually get bigger because all I feel is euphoria.  I have a perfect family.  Sit back and enjoy the pictures, I still smile ear to ear as I check them out.
Minutes after the cesarean was over.  River Kahne weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long.

My Mom, Grammy, and River

Auntie Lulu, she's getting in a little refresher for when her little girl is born in May.

Proud, Proud Daddy holding his Neal legacy.

Reese, River, Maggie and I cuddling.  My girl was sleepy but still in love.

My niece, Maggie so excited and hopeful that he could go shopping later with her!

Aunt Halee

Aunt Marsha so excited to have another one to spoil. 

Dustin's Grandma, or Mimi, happy to finally meet River.

River, swaddled and sleeping, at his happiest.  By the way, he and Reese not only share the initials RKN but they also have exactly the same number of letters in their names.  I think it's kind of a fun thing for them to have something quietly in common.

River, our perfect son. He is mellow and laid back. Happy and alert and best of all, ON TIME!! 

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