Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday and Some Dialogue

First of all, can I just say, I have a cute kid.  Look at that little thing sitting all by herself at the table.  She was very proud of drinking her "choos" (juice) out of a glass and eating with Mama and Dada.  All we could see were those two little piggy tails, but she was ready to move out of the high chair.

She has been keeping us busy.  Chasing her around in the evenings has gotten to be quite a load but we also have quite a bit of fun too.  She can open the doors to the bedrooms now so she locks us in, slams the door and scares us out of our beds over and over again until it gets pretty old.  But she loves it.  She's also into Mickey like crazy, always saying "Mimmie" and pointing to the TV.  She can tell us who all of the characters are and the girl loves to shake it when the Hot Dog Dance comes on. 

We are getting ready for potty training.  It's coming fast and furious and I'm a little sad to see it come.  She shouldn't be old enough for that!  But she loves getting her Mimmie stickers when she goes.

She loves to reply "Mama" when Dustin asks her who farted.  I really loathe that but she always whispers it like she doesn't want to disappoint me by saying it.  So I guess I forgive her. 

She sings Itsy Bitsy Spider, Head & Shoulders, and Wheels on the Bus.  She eats cheese and drinks milk well enough to never make me wonder if her bones are strong or not.  She adores Christmas "Yights," says Ho Ho Ho! and rearranges the ornaments on the tree constantly. 

My girl is the same as she always is.  A lover of Daddy, a mover and a shaker.  Hard to please because she has high expectations.  Beautiful, sassy, devilish, perfect.

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