Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Three years ago I got married to a pretty okay guy.  Okay, I mean a great guy.  In fact, I think I'll keep him.  We've had a lot of fun in the past two years and every day is something different, something wonderful.  For us, being married isn't really about a love story from a fairy tale.  It's more about appreciating the hard work the other offers in life.  He supports me as I call him screaming that his kid is driving me nuts.  I listen to him go on about hunting and game cameras.  He's ready with a sarcastic comment when the tough gets going and I like that about him. 

But he comes home with a smile even when there's laundry piled to the ceiling and dog hair that would make any man cringe.  And I let him in the door on Friday because I need someone to do the laundry and run the vacuum for me.  As we work we talk about our day, laugh about our sweet girl's funny new thing, and wonder if anyone will ever be as lucky as we are.
Here's a few of our best moments from the past few years.  The pictures get a little sporadic after the baby stole the camera lens.

And the best part of us....


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, couldn't ask for a better daughter-in-law and son, and what can I say about Reese, WONDERFUL!!! TT

Aunt Marsha said...

Very sweet! I'm glad that I have the most amazing sister-in-law and brother in the world! Love you guys!