Friday, June 24, 2011

The Rough Life of a Toddler

Being a toddler is rough.  Literally.  That poor dear is hard on everything, including herself.  She's really going through a stage right now where she hits things when she's feeling frustrated.  I hope it's a stage at least.  She has hit everything in sight this week, a kid on the playground, me, several inanimate objects but tonight was the kicker. 

Tonight, the dogs were eating, this is one of Reese's favorite things because it's one of her chores to feed them.  Then she makes sure no food flies around that they might miss.  But tonight Reese changed it up a little.  She grabbed a hold of Miller's tail and swung around by it.  She pulled and tugged so hard that when she broke free it knocked her to the ground with momentum.  He was so scared that he wouldn't even eat, but he didn't snap at her.  He probably wanted to though.

Next, she decided to take her frustration out on Natty.  I was cooking and I heard a couple of hits but I never dreamed that she was beating the dog to death.  I went in to check and he was hiding from her in the corner.  She had quite a timeout after that.

But what goes around comes around because the poor thing got the wrong end of a kitchen drawer tonight too.  She went face first into it and now will have quite the black eye.  That just nearly broke her heart, and ours.  Being a toddler can be hard, in more ways than one, for her and for those around her.  This too shall pass, I hope.

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