Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day!
What a wonderful day! We had beautiful sunny weather and were surrounded by some great people. Many tears were shed, I think, but none from us. I always thought I'd cry on my wedding day, tears of happiness maybe a little of sadness with the changing of themes. But when I walked down the aisle, I saw my very best friend smiling and all I could do was smile back. Tears welled a little at the vows, but I held it together!
We had lots of laughs and celebrations. Keith, of course, is ever our entertainment. He just double checked to make sure he wasn't signing his car title instead of the marriage license! He also stole all the rolls from the rehearsal and used it as a ring box. There were only a few crumbs left over!
The priest asked Dustin if he loved Lacy, but the smart boy said no, since obviously, there was no LACY present! I don't know what the priest was thinking but whatever it was it wasn't a thought about us!

Overall it was the perfect day, full of celebration. And on the day of new

beginnings, a new life was announced as well. It made it even better to find out my best friend is having a baby too!

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